Thinking about Building a Garage/Outbuilding in your Garden?

A garage can be a useful addition to any home. Offering a secure location for stowing your vehicle, they often double up as useful overflow storage for everything else!

Do I need Planning Permission?

If you’re planning an additional outbuilding to your home such as a standalone garage, shed, greenhouse, or home office you shouldn’t need planning permission under Permitted Development Rights.

You do need to meet certain criteria though, including:

  • being for domestic use;
  • not covering more than half of the land around the original property;
  • not being located forward of the principal elevation;
  • being single-storey;
  • not including a raised platform (incl. decking)/balcony/veranda;
  • the development must not have a satellite dish or aerial attached.

The height of the building is also limited. If the building sits within 2 metres of any boundary to your dwelling, its height is restricted to 2.5 metres. If the building sits more than 2 metres away from a boundary, it is limited to an eave height of no more than 2.5 metres high.

If the building has an apex roof (two sloping sides) the overall height cannot exceed 4 metres. For any other type of roof, the height cannot exceed 3 metres. However, in addition to the above, be aware that in some cases Permitted Development Rights have been removed, either through the status of the property (if it is a Listed Building), a Planning Condition or what is known as ‘an Article 4 Direction’ and in these cases regardless of the size, Planning Permission is likely to be required.

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But I live in Conservation Area or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a Conservation Area, a National Park or The Broads, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or a World Heritage Site, you are still able to build, unless specific conditions are put on the area which remove these rights. But buildings would also need to be restricted, and cannot be located between the side elevation of the dwelling and its boundary; and can cover no more than 10 sq. metres if it’s more than 20 metres from your house.

Is Building Regulations required?

As long as the floor area of your garage or outbuilding is less than 15 square metres and isn’t used for sleeping, you don’t need to comply with building regulations. Any glazing or electrical installations must comply with the necessary building regulations so make sure any professionals you hire have the correct certification.

Informing Neighbours?

As you don’t need planning permission, there is no statutory requirement for you to share your plans for your new garage with your neighbour. It may be diplomatic to let them know though! Don’t forget, biT has a range of specialists who can advise on anything from residential planning permissions and building regulations to environmental issues, highways and master planning. For more information about how biT can help your building project please call us on 01952 380 039 or e-mail planning@bit-group.co.uk