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What we do:


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Our mission

Our mission is to always put your needs and desires at the heart of the building design or building conversion process. We will bring inspiration and creativity to our architectural design, which will be guided by your vision and any practical requirements.

Whether the project is a family home, a place to work or the creation of a thriving community space, we recognise that it must serve those who use it daily.

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Our team

Our team is passionate about creating sustainable architecture – both from a financial and environmental perspective. Any building or space must be practical in terms of cost in both its creation and long-term maintenance. In the process of achieving that our team members will use their environmental expertise to minimise use of the planet’s resources.

We will combine the experience of our friendly and highly capable professionals with the latest computer techniques and software to create building designs which stimulate and, where possible, innovate.

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Discover BIM

A crucial piece of our approach is the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process. This is a modern method of planning the whole building, from how it will be constructed to how it will be used and maintained. It ensures you get the result you expected from the outset and hugely minimises the risk of any surprises in the crucial parts of the build process.

Our architect will have input throughout the life of your project, including providing help with building regulation applications.

Whether you are embarking on a building conversion or building something completely new, biT has the architectural design skill to work with you from start to finish.